AWKA – Student activists in Awka yesterday carried out awareness campaign to mark International Suicide Prevention day in Awka saying that youths should be assisted when confronted with problems rather than the older ones being judgmental on their issues. The activists most of them students of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, said that apart from feeling like observing the day, an upsurge in sui
cide among youths in recent times has become a source of worry. Their leader,Ikechukwu
Prosper said it is very painful to hear people commit suicide because those are the people they look up to for their future.
Prosper said: “Youths are leaders of tomorrow and yet the youths keep dying because of negligence to their problems. As they die their dreams die, their ambitions die”. He said that the problem of suicide should be resolved by everybody as individuals, friends, sons, daughters and those people are their friends”. According to him, the best approach to suicide is to reach out to friends and families and as much as possible call them and try to solve their problems. He added:”when we hear their problem we shouldn’t be judgmental. We should listen to them and try to show sympathy and render best advice and solutions to them so they can see reasons to continue to live”, he concluded.