Some students of the Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi, who live off campus in Gwallameji area of Bauchi Local Government Area, have decried robbery attacks on their homes.

The students said the robbers stole their money and valuables at gunpoint.

They said they lost laptops, mobile phones and undisclosed amounts of money.

Our correspondent learnt that the students had been robbed twice between August 15 and 25.

In the first robbery, five female students were reportedly raped at an isolated lodge near the campus.

The students, who were planning to go on vacation after rounding off their semester examination, said they decided to stay back to complete their projects.

The students said they had not recovered from the incidents.

It was gathered that the male students were tied while the 10 armed hoodlums had their way with the female students.

Our correspondent, who visited the lodge, said it had been deserted.

A victim of the robbery said he escaped miraculously as he dodged a bullet during the midnight encounter.

He said: “Around 3 a.m, I heard steps in the compound but I dismissed it as nothing because I thought it was our neighbour’s dog that was moving about. Few minutes later, I knew there was trouble when I heard my neighbour begging the robbers not to rape her.

“I was still confused when they pushed down my door. In that state, I tried to escape, then I felt something brush my ear. I was lucky to get away as I later found out that it was actually a gunshot. The force of the gunshot even bent my metal door.

“They tied up the men while they raped the ladies. One of the ladies was admitted in the hospital. Many of them have travelled for medical treatment.”

An eyewitness said he heard screams when the robbery and rape took place but could not help the victims due to fear for his life.

He said: “They broke into our compound. I was awakened by the nois from my next-door neighbours. He was screaming so loudly. They actually told him to open the door or else they will break in. After much struggle, they broke into his room and he started screaming. He screamed so loudly that i could hear him. They actually tied him because i could hear their conversation. From the sound emanating from his room, it appears he initially resisted them”.

“Another neighbour upon hearing the loud screams came out to help him but he was attacked by the robbers. It was gathered that about four of them pounced on him, two entered his own room while he was dragging with another two. One of the robbers later pulled a gun and shot him but he dodged the bullet. he later ran outside not knowing that another four has laid ambush for him outside. He sustained serious injuries from the beating before he later manage escape from their grip. He ran to a friend and was taken to a clinic in the morning.”

In similar incident on August 25, another student lodge was attacked. The students were held up in the wee hours of the night and made to part away with their gadgets and undisclosed amount of money.

The attack is the second within two weeks.

The students’ community is reported to have been under siege by armed criminals who attack unsuspecting students in the wee hours of the night.

A student who also spoke in confidence with the Nation  lamented the spate of insecurity in the area as he pleaded with the police to ensure  adequate security in the students community where numerous robbery incident have taken place unnoticed by security agencies.

The Police Public Relation Office, PPRO of the Bauchi State Police Command, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Kamal Datti Abubakar was yet to confirm the robbery  incidents as at the time of filing this report.

Attempt to also speak with the landlords of the residents were also unsuccessful.